Our Story

 “Atentica Collective® is a project that was born from the idea of owning something powerful in its individuality. My house had always been surrounded by my grandfather’s paintings which had somehow transformed the house I lived in. I wanted to have things that connected and made a difference in my space—I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to create, but somehow I realized I had to blend my interest in photography and art.”

This project is about the people who are behind the art, the art itself, and the stories that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Photography can transport you to places and people who are kilometers aways from you —make you feel and understand the provenance of art in all of its forms. 

We always try to promote the best talent, while preserving culture, and uniting artists from different backgrounds and professions to create an artistic community of talented creators —creating a bridge between the wall of corporations and artists.

Atentica is about discovering stories, finding beautiful, inspiring pieces, and the space and ideas that revolve around these special creations — an online showroom to be inspired and inspire your space with well curated, authentic folk art and contemporary art pieces. 

“As cultural entrepreneurs, my husband and I wanted to have a dream together. For us globalization has changed the way we purchase home decor —seeking for creators with purpose that somehow sparkle that special glow to your space and to your life is what we truly believe in.”

Isabel Serrano and Andrés Birlain — Founders of Atentica Collective®

You can view our artisan's at work, browse our current curated collection or contact us for more information. 



About the Founders

Isabel Serrano is a Mexican-Belgian marketer by education and a cultural entrepreneur. Shaped by her mixed heritage and experiences living in different cities around the world, Isabel’s passion is for discovering and promoting the work of unknown artists. Educated at the British Institute of Art in Florence and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York, Isabel has combined her knowledge of the art world with her affection for traveling and discovering the unknown. Starting in México where she is based, but with a global outlook to search for the very best talent. 

How Do We Choose and Curate Our Art?
  • All of the pieces found at Atentica are originals, created exclusively for us. When you share in the Atentica experience and purchase from one of our artists, you will own a one-of-a-kind, numbered piece.
  • We authenticate all art made for Atentica, and with each purchase, we issue a certificate of authenticity ensuring excellent craftsmanship and the use of quality materials.
  • All pieces are limited edition.
  • All Atentica artists and artisans sign the art they create and can dedicate any piece specifically to you or a person of your choosing upon request.
  • As all pieces sold by Atentica are handcrafted, each piece may vary slightly from the image viewed on our website or on social media pages. Slight variations should be considered as a sign of authenticity.
  • The timeframe for delivery is anywhere between 5 to 15 weeks due to the unique and original nature of the handcrafts.  24 hours after your order is placed, our “Post-Sale” Team will send the work’s pre-arrival experience, which will keep you regularly informed about the progress of your purchase throughout its production.
  • All pieces are sent through our friendly shipping service, where you can track them until they are securely delivered to your home. To ensure your artwork reaches you in perfect condition, every piece we exhibit and sell is insured as well as authenticated. 


Atentica’s Crew


Film Production

Cesar Valverde 

Anyel Báez

Film Directors


Roberto Garrido 

Environmentalist  & Photographer

 Cecilia Renard

Photo and Art Direction 

Original Music by

José Carlos de la Parra 

Music Composer and Producer Woodlock Stuidos

Branding & Website Design


Branding Partner

Translation & Edition

Robert Callahan 

Translation & Copy Editing